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High-mech for high-tech

Delta Meccanica is a high-mechanics Italian company specialised in design and manufacture of coaxial systems for broadcasting applications. Matching CAD technology with highly skilled personnel experience is the spirit that underlines our design, manufacture and control activities.All our product are always built in compliance with the tough specifications released by radio and TV broadcasters, technical comitees, all over the world.

Systems Integration solutions
Nowadays the technology integration in the lelecommunication field is moving quickly; the pervasion of informatio technology is interconnecting network will produce tangible benefits.
Our experience, use of a flexible design techniques and a close contact with our customers give us the knowledge to contribute to this convergence.

Simplicity and strength
Delta Meccanica stands for simplicity and rationality. Our products are the final result of innovative design and reliable manufacturing technologies. We therefore guarantee long lasting duration and quality/price best compromise.

Business Activities
Delta Meccanica, besides its traditional activity related to design and manufacture of passive components for RF applications, has recently developed and widened its area of interest towards precision mechanics and mechanics components for electronic, aeronautic and food industry.

Broadcasting products and services:
RF filters and patch panels for analog and digital signals

  • RF combiners for analog and digital signals
  • RF couplers and ancillary devices
  • RF Systems customized design


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